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Befriending Story – Louise


Hear some first hand experience from one of our fantastic befrienders!

I joined Levenshulme Good Neighbours when I moved to Levenshulme earlier in the year. I was new to the area, with no roots here and wanted a constructive way to use my time while settling into life in Manchester.

I was paired with Michael very quickly after all my paperwork was sorted. It was quite nerve-racking the first time I met him. It was the pressure of wanting to make sure we would get on well, as well as not being sure what we wanted to get out of the time together.


That pressure faded very quickly as Michael and I bonded over the time we spent together. Some days I would just pop over for a cup of coffee, others we would go to the park, sometimes we’d pop into town to run some errands, and sometimes I would just go do a bit of shopping for him.

Michael has a wonderful character, and I am in awe of his positivity and great outlook on life every time we meet. I really wish that I will have his positivity at his age, I’d then be happy I’d achieved something in life!

Originally when I signed up; I thought I was doing it to give something back to the community; to give something to people that were lonely in the area. Maybe I am doing those things; but I’m not the only one. Michael does that for me- he always welcomes me with open arms every time we meet, and it’s great to have someone I can count on to meet every week.


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