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A Trip Down Memory Lane

A Trip Down Memory Lane

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Those of you who have been listening to our radio slot on ALLFM will know we are always looking for song requests – particularly if they have a story or memory behind them. This week, LGN member Carol requested her favourite singer Elvis – and told us about the day their paths crossed….

“It all started when my uncle passed away. He was in the army, stationed in Germany, during the 1950s. The army invited my Aunt to his funeral, which was to be held in Germany, but at the time his children didn’t want to go. So I was invited along instead.

We were picked up at the airport, with the plan to go to the funeral and spend a few extra days sight seeing while we were there. A sergeant from the army showed us around, and on the last day, he asked us if we were fans of Elvis – we said that we were. We were obsessed. Thinking nothing of it, we spent the day shopping in a small town, and he took us into a small cafe for lunch. We talked for a bit when two men came through the door. I did a double take, and nudged my Aunty – isn’t that ELVIS?! I said.

It was. He came over and introduced himself “Nice to meet you, I’m Elvis Presley.” We were gobsmacked. I said, “Yes, I can see that!”

Him and the other fella sat down with us, and bought us a coffee. The sergeant had arranged it all, as Elvis, at the time, had been in service and stationed in Germany. He offered his condolences when he heard about my uncle and we chatted for half an hour about this and that – he was absolutely lovely.

When it was time to go, the man with Elvis gestured it was time for them to leave. Elvis gave us a kiss on the cheek and wished us well – it is one of my favourite memories. I’ll never forget was a sweet, and kind person he was.

Me and my Aunty were over the moon. It was only on the flight back that we realised we never asked for his autograph….”

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Thanks to Carol for sharing her memory!

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