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People’s History Museum: Windrush Generation

People’s History Museum: Windrush Generation

Last week was our third performance from the talented members of the People’s History Museum in Manchester. This performance, entitled ‘No Bed of Roses’ followed the story of a woman from the Windrush Generation moving to Britain in search of work.

The play touched on some of the realities faced by people in this era; the trials and tribulations of finding work, what employment in factories was like, the response and behaviour of local people towards the new arrivals, and the harsh realities of leaving home to work in a cold British city.

The play was very well received by our audience, many of whom had parents, or were themselves, part of the Windrush generation. Many people contributed their own experiences in the discussion (one of our members commented that she remembered thinking on arrival to the UK that all the terrace houses were tiny factories, as she could see smoke coming from chimneys, and fireplaces were not used in her birth country.)

It was a brilliantly performed play by the PHM, and even incorporated some group dancing, which everyone enjoyed. We’re looking forward to them visiting again!

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