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Peace Concert, Levenshulme

A HUGE shout to our Levenshulme locals within LGN who made it to the Peace Concert on the 21st of September! It was a pleasure to see a range of songs and singing from all ages and backgrounds.
The night ended on a super positive note as we could feel the strength of the last act – Women Asylum Seekers Together – really give it their all and earn the final applause.

We are not sure how much was raised but knew that after they sang people kept giving. Overall, a goodnight all in the name of peace.

Naomi – who can be seen somewhere here smiling- and I (too far back in the picture), escaped the sudden downpour when most of the attendees proceeded in a candlelight peacewalk from Elbow street to 747 Stockport road for some pay-as-you-feel dinner.

I enjoyed the dinner part as it was nice to catch up with old and new faces over a hot chocolate and marshmallows.

If you want to find out more about the asylum charity, here is their info:


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