A spring with fun numbers and celebrations

A spring with fun numbers and celebrations

We found the March and April period to be a breath of fresh air. Not just because we seemed to have a promising spring weather-wise, but also because our local housebound and community visiting service users were able to make the best of our voting patterns in the post 60 age group presentation as well as mark St Patrick’s day in 2022 with an added sporting achievement to boot.

Indeed, it has been a year of reflection in the social-political sphere, however on a lighter note (for some of our personally known regulars), we are grateful to Dr. Kingsley Purdam from the University of Manchester for returning to Levensulme Inspire, to present his research teams’ findings on ‘Voting Patterns Among Older People.’ This remarkable presentation on the statistics was provided to both Levenshulme Good Neighbours’ and our partner Inspire Taskforces’ public space using service users. We found the topic to be very important as our country continues to tackle voter apathy amongst the youth, proposals are devised to experiment with different voting models, mechanisms, means, and methods – not to mention how unsustainable electable major party reliance on appeasing older voters (to retain the semblance of representation) will be once the active voting older generation of today are gone.

Dr. Kingsley Purdham was returning to us 3 years after his research began and was able to touch base during the presentation with some of our service users who actually acted as participants for his research back then, when they gave qualitative material to his team.  We all know that it is our senior citizens who are demographically the most active voting age group (including referendums – ) in the UK. Thus, it is ever prescient to reflect on the ramifications to representative parliamentary democracy if the predictions that highlight how things will be if active voters currently in their 60s who are no longer able to vote 20 plus years from now come to pass.

Heady stuff! Ultimately our service users found the presentation refreshing – who said statistics couldn’t be fun?

For our Irish clients who are housebound that have sporting interests the month of March couldn’t have gone better. What with the rugby results as well as the solidarity they could share with their more mobile relatives and friends who celebrated St Patrick’s Day in style after so many months of restrictions.  Our particular service users were thus enabled to mark the occasion – though staying at home – in a rather unique manner that tapped into the idiosyncrasies which we continue to find in the year 2022.

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